Instructions for your Shore Tracker® Marine Railway System

Limit Switches

For safety reasons, D.H. Docks & Tracks does not recommend the use of limit switches on your track systems. The use of a limit switch will void any warranty offered by D.H. Docks & Tracks.

The operator should have control of the winch operation at all times, watching the track and movement of the carriage to insure that there are no obstructions, people, animals or any other objects in the path of the carriage. The remote control box or manual drum switch should be mounted in a location that offers visibility of the entire track system without putting the operator in the path of the carriage. When limit switches are used, we can only assume it is to allow a person to push a button and walk away. This is NOT recommended!

Using a limit switch to stop the carriage in the proper position on the track may not be reliable. The boat may not be loaded on the carriage in the exact same position each time. If the switch is set to be tripped by the carriage and the boat was loaded farther ahead on the carriage, the boat could run into the wall of the boathouse before the carriage reaches the limit switch.

ShoreTracker® Maintenance

The Shore Tracker® Marine Railway System has been designed to give you many years of trouble free service. Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or you have a service that installs and removes your Shore Tracker®, you can extend that time by following these few suggestions:

  • Before you take the track out in the fall, grease the four pillow-block bearings by the motor. Run the system one more time to distribute the grease. Now the bearings are sitting in a fresh bath of grease for the winter, and will be ready to go in the spring.
  • After the track is removed, check your cable for wear or fraying. If it needs replacing, consider replacing it with a stainless steel cable for longer life. This is a good time to double check to see if you have sufficient cable wear bars, as well.
  • Disassemble the lake-end pulley. Clean it and inspect for worn parts. If it needs replacing, order one now, so you have it ready in the spring. If it checks out fine, grease the bushing generously with lithium grease.

Following these few pointers will ensure the safe, reliable operation of your Shore Tracker® Marine Railway for another year.