Shore Tracker® Parts and Accessories

Shore Tracker Remote FOB

Remote Control
Remote control is now offered for your convenience. The perfect answer for areas where having a dock is not practical. Comes with a 2-button key fob transmitter. Expected range is 200 to 300 feet, which will vary due to environmental surroundings. This remote does not have limit switches and the operator is required to hold the button down to move the carriage. Releasing the button stops movement. Can easily be added to existing Shore Tracker® systems.

Cable Tension Winch
Cable tension is a critical factor in the smooth operation of a marine railway system. This worm-gear winch, conveniently located at the rear of the carriage, allows the user to easily adjust the cable tension without tools.
Removable Door Piece
For overhead doors on boathouses. Simply lift the short track section out of the way so the door can close flush. No tools required!
Mooring Post Bumpers
Poly logs with ultraviolet protection for longer life. These 36" long bumpers fit over the post of the Shore Tracker® carriage, acting as a guide-on. 4" diameter, 2" hole. Grey only.
Support Legs
These telescoping track support legs are used where the track can't be on the ground, such as getting over an ice ridge or up to a boathouse floor.
Adds stability to tall support legs. Reduces the sway as the boat rolls over the supported joint. recommended for legs over two feet tall. Can easily be added to existing Shore Tracker® systems.
Polyethylene Foam Blocks
Polyethylene enclosed cell foam block are great for floating your Shore Tracker® Marine Railway and other bulky or heavy objects. 72" x 4” x 24”
Cable Wear Bar
The Wear Bar is used wherever the cable would rub against the steel of the track system, protecting and extending the life of your cable. We use two different styles. One for attaching to the cross-bars and another for attaching to the cement floor of a boat house apron.
D.H. Docks & Tracks stocks galvanized and stainless steel cables for our Shore Tracker Marine Railway System, as well as for most Shorestation, Shore Master and Pier Pleasure boat lifts.
Land Station Canopy
We secure it and you park your boat under it. Using the canopy from Pier Pleasure Boatlifts, we have several material choices for fabric and many width and length choices. If you can't have a boat house, a Shore Tracker with a canopy is the next best thing.
Motor - Sheave Assembly
The heavy-duty 1.5hp motor can be wired for either 110 or 220 volts. It is weatherproof and comes standard with a safety cover over the sheaves, and an electric brake.
Double-Flanged Wheel
The uniquely designed double-flanged wheel assembly provides smooth tracking and assures that the carriage stays on the track. Standard on all systems. Upgrades available for larger boats.