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Dock Pipe Bracket - Extruded Aluminum

$18.00 each
Pipe Bracket Size

Our Dock Pipe Bracket provides the maximum stability for docks. We use set-screws to lock the pipe in position, rather than a bolt, which will squash the pipe. Others may brag that their pipe casting will not allow the support tubing to tilt more than 1/4" - thus eliminating the need for a large base. Our Extruded Aluminum Pipe Brackets allow for ZERO tilt. Available for 1 1/4" I.D. pipe or 1 1/2" I.D. pipe. Nuts and bolts are included. (Hint: Mount with the set-screws on the right when possible. If you are right handed, this make adjustment easier.)

PIPES: We recommend using 1.25" ID (Inside Diameter) Schedule 40, Galvanized Pipe for residential docks. For really big boats or tough jobs, us the 1.50" ID pipe.

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