Ipe Boat Dock Decking

Aluminum Frame Sectional Dock with Ipe Decking

Ipé (pronounced e-pay) is a strong, dense, and hard, Iron Wood. Others may call their decking “ironwood” but we use only genuine Iron Woods brand Ipé, which will naturally resist wear, rot, splintering, termites, fire, chemicals, and virtually every threat imaginable . . . beautifully.

Highest Decay Resistance

Durability rating by the U.S. Forest Labs of 25 years plus!

Natural Wood Product

Ipe does not contain any harmful chemicals.

DH Aluminum Frame Dock with Ipe Decking

Low Maintenance

Left unsealed, Ipe will weather to a handsome silver patina. You can choose to periodically apply a sealer or stain to maintain the rich natural color.