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Shore Tracker®

The Shore Tracker® Marine Railway System is a fully adjustable boat rail system or boathouse rail system for any watercraft including Aluminum Boats, Fiberglass Boats, Float Planes, Pontoon Boats and Wooden Boats.

We carry ''Vinyl Covered Aluminum Bunks", "Cradle Brackets and Front Board" and the "Full Length Pontoon Bunks" boat support systems.

Boat Lifts

Pier Pleasure goes the extra mile to meet or exceed your expectations with boat lifts. These standards for excellence demand high-quality components, such as non-corrosive stainless steel bolts, stainless cables, brass nuts, aluminum pulleys with brass sheaves, and aluminum construction.

We also carry boat lift accessories and boat lift hardware in our Lakeside Living® online waterfront accessories store.

Boat Docks

Our D.H. Aluminum Frame Docks are available with three different types of decking.

The Brock Vinyl Decking for your boat dock comes with a lifetime guarantee and is maintenance free.

The Cedar Decking for your boat dock has a traditional look that is naturally weather resistant.

The Ipè Decking creates a beautiful and durable boat dock that is guaranteed for 25 years.

Lakeside Living®


Lakeside Living® is our waterfront equipment and water sports equipment catalog.

Request a printed Lakeside Living® catalog!

We carry boat accessories, boat lift accessories, dock accessories, dock hardware, and water sports equipment such as wakeboards, waterskis and tubes.  For your waterfront needs we also carry products for weed control, bird control and safety products.